Monday, May 06, 2013

Infinity Engine for Android Phones (Helps u speed up your android phone)

Infinity is an engine which presents you a mixture of performance and smoothness ! Infinity engine is something more than a simple script ! it runs on every boot , optimize your system kill lags , improve phone's overall performance.

How to install

★Install BusyBox
★Download Engine
★Clean Up init.d from any tweaks ! ( IMPORTANT )
★Go to recovery
★Install zip
★Reboot ( You device may lag , work with phone for few seconds to fix ! )


- V2.1 
  •  REINDEX databases after VAQUUM ! ( thanks to st@mis )
  •  EMMC_CAP_ERASE brickable emmc detector !! ( See /system/etc/IE_EMMC.txt for checking output !)
  •  added mount option now dont need to mount system ! ( thanks icloud )
  •  added touch sensitive tweaks ( thanks chainfire and slaid480 )
  •  SomeTweaks by st@mis 
  •  Fixed some bugs 
alireza7991 (Creator)
darkly ROM for new zipalign method

DOWNLOAD FROM HERE / Alternative link